Sunday, November 9, 2008


It's been a while since I've made a painting with a mirror in it. Generally I use a mirror to paint a self portrait or to check for accuracy(reverse image). This painting actually started as a self portrait. I placed the mirror on the table with the intention of painting myself holding the bowl of objects. I placed the bowl on the table for a minute to set up the lighting and something just clicked. The light was a bit different because usually I have it pointing directly at the setup but in this case the light was at an oblique angle because it wasn't really meant for this arrangement, it was purely accidental.
"Blue Bottle and Egg" 18"x24" 2008
I've been painting long enough now to know that when something unexpected comes up that sometimes it can be a good idea to roll with it. There was something very mysterious about the way the reflection related to the setup and I wanted to highlight that without killing it. I also had in mind that famous Degas painting of his Aunt, Madame Bellili and her family where the mirror in the corner just goes off into this abstract whiteout that serves to anchor the composition and make the mirror more mirror-like. I still want to do another self portrait (I'm the only model I can afford or that's available) but holding a bowl of objects may be too Symbolist, we'll see.