Thursday, April 9, 2009

More Poms

Worked on the white cloth last two days. I played around with warm and cool variations and I worked hard at threading and weaving the light in and out of the forms. I want to give the effect of the right side of that cloth blazing in the light and then gradually tapering off into the darkness. I may have to walk the light over to the right with just a few more touches. I'm really striving to get that Jacob Collins white sheet brilliance. If I ever take a class with him I'm going to say, "Yo Jake, How do you get those sheets to glow so brightly?" And the answer will probably be something simple like "I place the lights next to the right values and subtle color changes, It's that easy dude!" Anyways, I guess I'm in a silly mood. I can't wait to drop in the pomegranates and get this painting cranking.

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