Monday, September 14, 2009

Painting Demo

This was the result of a painting demo that I did at the National Art League Friday night. It's basically a painting club with a long history and a nice facility for members and non members to use. I don't think they get too many painting demos because you really only have about an hour and a half or less to do the demo. I thought it would be a fun challenge so I had a friend reccomend me and I got the job. What I did to save some time was to set up the arrangement at home about a week before and do a drawing and wipeout(underpainting). Then on the day of the demo I mixed up all the colors and value strings that I would need, on a large palette, at home. Before I started I briefly explained my Classical Realist training and how I was told to do a lot of these small 8"x10" one shot paintings to develop my eye and hand and to really get a feeling for dealing with the whole space of a painting, all at once. Anyway, when I was done, I was thinking "is this any good?", but they loved it and the woman who won the painting in the raffle was very happy. I used a nice but relatively
inexpensive frame, because I'd hate to see even one of my demos in a cheesy strip frame. As a teacher for twenty five years I'm used to public speaking, my real worry was whether or not I'd be able to pull it off in the allotted time, since this was my first demo. I have another one coming up next month so hopefully that one will go as well.

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