Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Apples

I worked hard to get the apples in yesterday in one go. I know they're not going to look the same in a couple of days. Working the red and green areas in this extreme lighting was quite challenging. Without planning to, I set up the entire painting around a complementary color scheme. I worked some of the reds into the greens and vice versa to try and get the shadows to scintillate and to get the complements to harmonize a little better. I'm liking working on the ebauche so I may stick with it a little bit. One thing that I did that's a little different is I stained the canvas with thinned raw umber and then after that was dry I put the ebauche over it. That gave it more of a "dead color" look such as the kind used in the underpaintings of Vermeer.

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