Monday, May 31, 2010

"Rose and Cast 2"

This is my second stab at combining these two objects. The first one was quite some time ago and painted thick and loose. I plan to take it a bit slower on this one. The drawing was made with pencil on paper. I traced it. did a charcoal transfer and then inked it in. I did the wipe out using Winsor and Newton Raw Umber-Greenish Shade, which makes a great ground because it's very transparent and dries a bit slower than regular Raw Umber. I always feel like I lose a little something in the transfer process so I'm thinking, on the next one, of trying Michael Klein's method of making a simply stated block in. squaring it up and transferring it to a canvas and then finalizing the block in with either ink or charcoal pencil directly on the canvas. Cutting out the middle man, so to speak.

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