Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Few Things

"Moon Box" 11"x14" oil on canvas on board, "Vickie" oil on canvas on board 16"x20", "Still Room" 16"x20" oil on canvas. "Still Room" is pretty much finished. I locked in the background this morning before the light changed and then I spent a few hours tweaking it to get it to harmonize with the foreground. That was harder than I thought it was going to be. "Moon Box" was painted using a very wierd and unique method. I have an Ott light next to the box shining through the hole, my studio lights turned off, and I placed my easel next to a window where I allowed just enough light through to be able to see my canvas and palette. It wasn't easy but it was the only way to get the effect that I was after. My once a week portrait is coming along, albeit slowly. I'm not loving the raccoon shadow around the eye so I may try to find a way to play that down.

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