Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rub In

I finished the underpainting. It's on a 16"x20" stretched linen canvas. I transferred my drawing using tracing paper and charcoal. Then I inked it in and did a wipe out using thinned down raw umber and paper towels . The next day I started a frottis, which is an underpainting where you drybrush the paint on without thinning it down or using any medium. The idea is to roughly approximate the values and general color scheme. I wanted to try it because I thought that I might like a better roadmap when I begin to windowshade (finish as I go) and I like the look of it in the works of other painters; Degas, Travis Schlaht. It's harder to control than I thought and due to my usual impatience I didn't wait long enough for the wipeout to dry. Still I'm happy with it so far and I can't wait to start digging in. As an aside I read about using the perspective skew in Photoshop on Rational Painting and I though that I would give it a try because I shot this at an angle. It works really well and it's a pretty cool little trick to try on a crooked shot.

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