Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Glass and Cast

I had a dream last night that my painting "Water Glass and Carrots" 11"x14", oil on linen, would look better if I added a pair of glasses, so when I woke up this morning that's the first thing I did. That's a wrap on this one.
I'm slowly crawling across the form of the lion. I decided to start with the top of the face and then fan out from there, just in case I don't get to finish the entire body, I'll still have the center of interest. It's very difficult to judge the value of turning forms that are parallel to the light source and adjacent to light areas. They either look darker than they really are or washed out. I stuck with that right cheek until I worked it out. My figure drawing instructor, Sam, blew my mind by pointing out to me how subtle forms on the figure throw cast shadows that affect the look and feel of the terminator line and give valuable insights about the form before you even start modeling. Once I started really seeing it my eyes started spinning in my head. So many things to take note of it's mind boggling.

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