Sunday, June 20, 2010

Two Casts

I'm just about done with the Lion cast painting (11"x14", oil on linen). Nick at Grand Central Academy of Art has done a good job of keeping me focused on the direction of the light. The base of the cast is unpainted and somewhat darker in tonality and of a warmer color than the plaster body. It almost looks like cement, so I added burnt umber to my pre-mixed grays to capture the effect. I think it'll make a nice segue into the reddish brown of the table top. This is to be my last cast painting at GCA, i'm moving on to portrait or figure, I haven't decided which yet.
For "Yellow Rose and Cast" (8"x10", oil on linen), I'm not using my tubed grays. As this is not really a cast painting exercise but more of a still life I'm looking for more variations in temperature and chroma.

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