Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Tea Pot and Morgan

I'm just about finished with "Tea Pot and Oranges" oil on linen 11"x14" and "Morgan" oil on linen 9"x12". I've been working very hard with the figure painting to conceptualize the light and try to more accurately guage the correct value and chroma. I started to ask myself questions about how the arm for instance would be lit from a light that was almost parallel to it. This made me go back in on the second pass and pretty much repaint everything, carving down the light where it's turned away and adding light where it faces the source more directly. I have just the chest area left to complete, which is good since I only have one more session with the model. I've been spending a lot of time looking at two artists this summer; Eakins and Chardin. I'm working hard to apply the things that I percieve in their work to my own practices. Not stylistic things so much but more of how they present their truths to the viewer. I've been influenced as well by something I read by Graydon Parrish concerning the mixing of a specific color. Something like, first identify and mix the hue, then get the hue to be the right value, then mix up a pile of neutral color that's of equal value, and then mix the neutral pile into the hue pile until you arrive at the correct chroma (intensity). I don't use it for every color in the painting but I have been using it for some things with interesting results.

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