Saturday, January 3, 2009

Nancy's Ear

Photoshop is driving me crazy! Each photo has to be handled differently even though it's the same painting. Anyways, really compressing the value range in modeling the ear, keeping in mind that for the most part it's on the same plane as the side of the face. Already I can see some areas that are going to need to be pushed in even a little further. Looking at the drawings of Kate Sammons really helped me to gauge how light I would need to go to match flesh tones in grisaille; she's got a pretty good handle on it.As I start to work more in the shadow areas I'm trying to keep them velvety and mysterious but I'm also looking for pathways of form that will help weave together the neck and the face. Theres a little bit of reflected light under the chin that I pushed way down in value which links up nicely with the light form that passes along the cheek.

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