Thursday, January 1, 2009

Nancy's Nose

Sorry about the blurryness, I'm shooting it while it's on the easel, without a tripod. I'll take a nicely lit shot of it when it's all done. Things seem to be going along pretty smoothly. I'm trying real hard to stitch together all the various tissues looking for places where the light bleeds through from one form to the next. Cheekbone was a little tricky because it has a combination of highlight and form light, both with their own very different set's of logic. Hopefully I haven't overdone it. I can always push it down in the touching up stage (which I'm assiduosly trying to have as little of needed as possible. I'm trying to be a tightrope walker. Tightrope walkers don't get to do touch-ups; either you're on the rope or you're not.

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