Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Limone" Underpainting

Kind of a different take on my usual still life paintings. A bit of an homage to Pietro Annigoni, on a slightly larger 16"x20" canvas. This one's going to take a while, but I won't be working exclusively on it and my models aren't going anywhere. I'll make a small poster study manana.
The method that I pretty much use now is to make a block-in, develop the drawing and shading masses, trace the drawing, transfer it with charcoal, and go over the lines with india ink. Then I cover the whole canvas with raw umber and a little black, using mineral spirits. I give it a quick wipe with a paper towel to get rid of the strokes and even out the tone. Next I use the paper towel to pull out the lights, and I work like a madman because the raw umber starts setting up within an hour.

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