Friday, July 10, 2009

Paint Out

"Along Shore Road" oil on linen, 8"x10"
I'm painting this Friday and Saturday, along with a bunch of other artists in Gallery North's "Wet Paint Festival", which is a plain aire paint out in honor of Joseph Reboli (deceased). Thanks to Frank Serrano, John Budicin and Kevin Mcpherson, not to mention Carlson's guide to landscape painting, I feel like I'm starting to understand some of the theory that goes into plain aire painting. Once I had my basic value pattern established I tried to keep the strength of that right to the end. That forced me to compress the values in any given area and to make color changes without necessarily changing the value. I also considered the form of each thing that I was painting and I tried not to just replicate value changes but to roll the forms up to the light. Anyways, I'm a little happier with this one. I get to try again tomorrow (supposed to rain) and then the paintings will be auctioned off.

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