Saturday, August 8, 2009

Photographing Paintings

I've seen quite a few blog discussions about photographing paintings so I thought I'd jump in with what works for me. I use a nikon coolpix digital camera. No special lens or anything. I tried a lot of different setups; outdoors in the shade, spots at 45 degree angles, white light settings etc;. What finally worked for me is that I discovered that my camera has a setting specifically for photographing art in a museum, low light, setting. In my studio I have a four foot long flourescent overhanging, work table light, about two feet over my easel. I have one warm bulb(pinkish) and one cool bulb. I place the painting directly under the lights, about a foot back from center, with the painting perfectly vertical. I make sure that I have no lights on in the background.(they'll throw the camera off). I have the camera mounted on a tripod. Although I have photoshop to touch up the photos most of the time the photo is already good and I don't need to fiddle with it. If you've been having trouble it might be worth a try.

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