Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Watermelon Slices" Completed

The black plate is placed on a piece of firewood that I brought home from my camping trip. I was throwing wood on the fire when I was about to throw this one on but then I looked at it and unlike the other pieces it was a square block and I thought "hmm, that might be good for a painting" so I brought it home. When we arrived at the campground the people across from us had some kind of family reunion going on, they had eight adjoining sights. They were leaving the next day so they gave us their remaining firewood, which was more than I could burn in a week if I kept the fire going all day. Usually our firewood supply barely manages to last the trip. Now that I had an unlimited supply, it rained almost every evening, except our last night when we had quite a bonfire going and still left quite a bit for the next campers. Anyways, I guess this painting is kind of an "ode" to summer with the watermelon, firewood, and black dinnerware.

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