Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lion Cast

This is the poster study and the ebauche for a new cast painting that I've started at GCA. I decided to use a rubbing in technique on this one rather than a wipe out or a thinned down full color stain. I'm only part way through the ebauche because I only had three hours and it took me a while to complete the poster (5"x7") .The actual painting is 11"x14" my largest one to date. The cool thing is that since I've done quite a few of these now I'm being given a little latitude so I'm approaching it more like a still life . Most cast paintings don't bother too much with the background. The poster actually has areas of pure white in it which shows the limitations of pigment and digital photography. I'm going through a lot of experimentation with the lighting setup in my studio and I'm getting good results which I'll post here in the near future. I wish I knew where this lion came from I haven't had any luck matching the image.

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