Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Water Glass and Mirror

Heres the wipeout (linen,11"x14") and poster study (canvas board, 5"x7") for a new set up. Originally I had planned to do a colored ebauche (underpainting) over the wipeout, but I went back into this wipeout a little more than usual because of the complexity of the arrangement, so I'm thinking I might just windowshade without the ebauche since I can use the poster to gauge my colors. I'm also worried as to how long I have before those carrots start to look brown.
I'm using a new lighting setup. I have two four foot GE sunshine bulbs over my easel and a compact flourescent daylight bulb pointed at the still life. I'm liking the way the colors look under the easel but I would like to get a little more intensity and warmth onto the still life. An artist who's work I greatly admire informed me that he uses a homemade fixture that holds five compact flourescents with most of the bulbs rated at 6500. He gave me a link to a similar bulb lamp at B&H photo, but I think I will try to build one myself. Why all this playing around with the lights? I'm trying to develope some paintings with a softer more delicate lighting similar to what I experienced when I did some daylight paintings last summer. Ideally, I would use north light, but the window in my studio is west and most of the time that I have to paint is at night so I want to set up conditions that are more reliable.

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