Saturday, June 18, 2011

More Ericka

Here's the poster and ebauche for "Ericka as The Wine Seller" 16"x20". The poster photo came out a little glossy because the paint was still wet, but I guess it gives the general idea of what I try to go for in the study. Mainly I want to be able to quickly think of the color scheme as a whole entity and the 5"x7" size allows me to make rapid decisions. I find that this kind of color "gesture" for want of a better term, if done correctly, will carry over into the final piece. On the ebauche (thinned down color layer), I'm painting it in fairly broadly, I don't want to eat the icing before theres a cake. I've been thinking a lot lately about the approach used by the angel academy and I like the idea of a first painting where there's less pressure to nail down all of the detail. I prefer to keep the first layer kind of soupy however because when I start to paint the finishing pass I like some tooth and I like some of the pale underpainting to glow through the top layer.

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