Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Stuff

Started a new painting between model sessions, "Calligraphy" 11"x14" oil on linen. I set this one up next to a north facing window, with my easel getting the same light. I'm not used to painting with such soft light, usually my easel is lit up like a football stadium. I'm enjoying the softer edges and liquidy shadows. I'm painting in a more robust style with some old friends that I haven't used for a while, Signet bristle brushes. I like pushing the paint around and I want the paint to be able to place the paint just so without having to account for the flop of the brush. I'm also getting tired of ebauches and thinning down paint in general. I plan to make my first layer kind of bold and rough and then I'm going to oil out and completely repaint with a little more refinement, not too much. Usually when I start getting restless like this it means I'm about to go through some changes that usually turn out for the better. I'm not motivated if I'm feeling stagnant. The drawing is a copy from a Bellini portrait which has always floored me. I had some free time during regents week so I decided to make a demo for my students that will be in the Advanced Drawing class next year (hopefully). I'm feeling relieved for all those young teachers who've had the chopping block removed. No layoffs! Yay!

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