Saturday, July 2, 2011

I started laying in my first thicker painting pass. My goal is to lay in most of the larger and smaller forms, wet-in-wet, in a broad manner. The photo was taken at the end of the day so some parts are already a little matte while other parts are glossy, but it shows what I'm aiming for. I'm pretty pleased with the way this first finishing layer is going and I'm cataloguing a lot of info to keep in mind when I go for the final finishing pass in the next layer. I still plan to make the final layer with broad strokes, the refinement I'm looking for has to do with the flow of the light, tipping of the forms, lost and found edges, accents and color notes. I had the model leave her dress and scarf behind so I could rough it in and go for more form while she's actually wearing it, next session. I had it on a mannequin, but the mannequin wasn't really filling it out. Anyways, I'm having a blast because I have no deadline and I'm taking the time to learn some things in my own way.

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