Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lay-in For "Mask"

This is the lay-in, sometimes called "first painting" that was done over the simplified closed grisaille underpainting. I used the paint straight from the tube, no medium or thinner, and I painted it with the intention of establishing my basic forms, colors, and values, without too much fuss or detail (although I couldn't resist a flourish here and there). Now that I have pretty much the "idea" of the painting, I can take some time to look for drawing errors, things that might need to be changed. My goal is to be pretty fearless at this point and surgically remove and replace if needed. Although I'm pleased with the way this skin of paint looks, I know that I'm going to completely repaint it in the next skin, so I'm not falling in love with any particular detail etc; The figure in the background is from a portrait that I recently completed and it's kind of propped up beneath the curtain. It took me a long time to get it to sink into the background and yet still be distinguishable. In the next pass I'll try to push it down a little more and yet, somewhat illogically add a little more chroma.

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