Sunday, February 1, 2009

Driftwood and Peppers

Started drawings for a new still life setup. I started off with a thumbnail to try out the composition and then I zoomed in on a detail of the pepper and a section of the driftwood. I wanted to work out some ideas I had about the lights and the highlights on the peppers. I know that value based observations won't work for the peppers because their are a lot of false contrasts, so in my sketch I paid careful attention to the form and downplayed the flashy highlights and contrasts. The larger outline drawing is the actual size cartoon for the painting. I'll trace it and transfer it onto an 8"x10" canvas thats been lightly stained with raw umber. I'm going to start painting this one pretty directly without any underpainting because I'm worried about how long the peppers will last. I also plan to do a small scale color poster study which also should eliminate the need for an underpainting. I've decided that if the peppers don't last I'll just replace them, but I won't change the drawing, I'll just match the colors and stay with the original forms that I've mapped out in the block-in.

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