Thursday, February 19, 2009

Peppers Revisited

The one on the left is the latest version. After spraying with re-touch varnish, I did something most people would find a little unorthodox. I waited about a half hour for the varnish to dry and then with a very soft brush I oiled out the painting using linseed oil and oms, fifty-fifty. Then I patted the surface with a Viva towel to leave just the thinnest residue of the oil. I do this because the retouch sets up way too fast and when I go back into a painting I like the feel of working wet in wet. This is one of my favorite stages in a painting when I just take my palette and tweak a little here and there. Hopefully at this point I'm not looking to make any major changes, just things that could be improved on. For example, I went back into the darks on the peppers because I felt there was too much variety in the reds. You can't have juicy shadows and lights, somethings got to give. I also made the driftwood darker where it turns under and made less contrast in the area to the right of the peppers, as I felt the detail was distracting. I made the light on the cloth more intense and a little brighter. I always hear my former instructors advice to "smash the light".

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