Sunday, March 29, 2009

Final Ale

Here's the final version of "Crackers and Ale" 8"x10". Instead of taking the rust out I decided to paint it as I saw it. I wanted this to be a mug of 10,000 ales, tarnish and all. I gave my wife a break from posing today because I've decided to move the pose into my garage-studio because I can't stand working in my bedroom a minute longer. Next week Ill start again but with her posing on my model's stand so I can stand while I work and move back and forth more. I went to pick up some shelving so that I can get all my accumulated still life objects off of the floor and have more room to work. I was driving the guys at home depot crazy because I told them I wanted one blue(cool) and one pink(warm) flourescent lights. They thought I was crazy but eventually I figured it out myself and got what I was looking for. This is a shot of my studio.

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