Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Crackers and Ale

Made a little more progress. The bottle isn't quite as dark as it looks here, you never know what's going to happen when you upload an image.(kind of like the game of telephone) Anyway, I really downplayed the values of the labels on the bottle, because , for one thing, I felt they were giving a false appearance according to their place in the painting and their proximity to the dark glass of the bottle. Also I want to keep the attention on the mug which is my center of interest. The challenge, eventually will be mating the mug to the warm rust tonality of the rest of the painting. What to do? I'm glad you asked. It so happens that the mug has some rust spots and areas with a slightly rusty patina, that I tried to slur in a little bit but that I will eventually put in when I repaint some parts of the mug. The crackers were easier than I expected, (again not as dark as they appear here), and I lowered their overall value slightly as well. It's tricky when you paint next to an area that needs oiling out but you can't because it's not completely dry. That's when you have to trust the choices made in your poster study.

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