Sunday, March 8, 2009


Painted in the mug. Started it on Thursday and finished it up today. Generally I try to get it as close to complete as I can on the first pass, to keep the painting fresh looking, but it's no big deal if I have to go back into it because I have a pretty good method for oiling out that makes it like painting back into wet paint. I had pretty much completed my first cast painting at the GCA last week but when I looked at it yesterday morning I wasn't completely satisfied so I went back into it tinkering here and there, pretty much repainting the entire painting. I'm glad I did because I really pulled it together and I'm glad I didn't settle. That's pretty much the way that I work. I hope lightning will strike on the first pass, and it's a beautiful thing when that occasionally happens, but I have no hesitation about jumping back into the fray if I need to.

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