Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Small Flowers

Got most of the painting completed. I feel like I am going to want to go back in to tweek a couple of places. I'm not really satisfied with the table. I feel like the drawing kind of got away from me. That will happen sometimes (more often than not), and then you have to go back in and find it. It's an unusual composition so it's going to take some finagling to make it click. The black teardrop vase clearly wants to be the star of the show and I guess that's what I'll go with.

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Fuzzy Brush said...

your painting skills are awesome, everything looks so real and lifelike. But--I maybe shouldn't say this but I must. Your composition is what is bothering me. Everything is so crowded together that I long for a breathing space somewhere. I'm not sure the black vase could even fit so close to the other one given the placement on the table..not enough lower to be believeable ...and at the top everything seems to stop at the same level. I am so sorry to criticize your work with a negative but your painting skills are so good that with a bit of thought to composition, your works would be amazing!