Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Moth" Blocked In

I blocked in the drawing for "Moth" to a small 9" by 12" canvas. Some artists like to do a very detailed wipe-out, almost like a thinned down grisaille. I prefer to keep things basic at this stage. I do the wipeout by covering the whole canvas with umber and black and then wiping out the ligjhts with a paper towel. I'm looking forward to starting work on the figure, hopefully this Sunday morning. My plan is to go for broke and paint each area to a finish, wet-in-wet from top to bottom. I was inspired to try a small figure painting when my instructor, Nick Hiltner, brought in two small figure paintings that he had done. Both featured a single figure before a kind of rocky landscape, inspired by his Catskill studies, with a twilight or moonlit scene. They were really little jewels with subtle modeling and totally got me going to try some figure paintings of my own. I'm sure I'm in over my head, but what the hey, it's only paint and canvas.

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